Wrapping Up 2013...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas...2014 is just around the corner and I plan on taking the remainder of 2013 very slowly..This year was full of ups and downs - many successes, some disappointments..graduate schoolrandom travels, a puppy, building new friendships..and most importantly you - my readers, friends, families. Thank you for being with me through everything and showing your love through comments and virtual hugs to Food, Pleasure, and Health. Here's what this year looked like.

  Travel: New york, Boston, Atlanta, Nepal (1, 2, 3).

When Bailey was just a baby..well she still is.

We are only four days away from the year 2014..while I am not too big into New Years resolutions I have a few small goals, in no particular order:

     - more clean eating, home-cooked meals
     - run a half marathon in 2014
     - feature more fresh, seasonal recipes on the blog
     - de-clutter and donate at least every 3 months
     - an e-cookbook by March 7th 2014
     - visit Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis
     - go on a weird diet like fruits and vegetable diet
     - allocate more time for school
     - continue visiting the library 
     - meet blogger friends in real life
     - learn crocheting 
     - try patio style herb garden..again
I am planning to continue Fitness Friday but due to some readers request, I am thinking of featuring a Registered Dietitian every month to share their area of expertise. What do you guys think?
What was the highlight of 2013 for you?
I would love to hear your goals/resolutions for 2014... 
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